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With the completion of the 10th round of the season and with races 19 and 20 of the year, the 2023 Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine came to its conclusion at Hockenheim.

Coming from a difficult 2022 season, G4 Racing had to face a challenging season. Still, with hard work and dedication, the Swiss squad put together a great progression, and rookie driver Alessandro Giusti eventually won 3 races and 4 podiums.

Alessandro Giusti (Driver #3): “It was not the best weekend we had this year. It’s a shame we didn’t end the year on a high note, but anyway was one of my best seasons in Motorsport and I had an amazing year with this amazing team. We share great memories together that I will never forget and thanks for this year”

Francisco Soldavini (Driver #30): “This weekend was not bad at all. Since the first session, my driving quality has significantly improved since Zandvoort. I was able to start the weekend much closer in pace to the rest of the drivers. I kept improving and for qualifying I put myself in the back of the main pack, which is significantly better than in Zaandvort. However, I still lacked experience for the races and that, along with some bad luck meant the race results were not amazing, but I should still be happy. I have gotten a lot faster since Zaandvort which consistently puts me around P25 in lap times, and there is still much room for improvement. I will keep focusing on my speed and try to learn from my mistakes in the races. I’m sure my results will improve even more for next time, but we still have to wait a while to prove it. As always G4 Racing deserves so much credit for all the effort they put in to help me learn and improve. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to race for them since they are an excellent team and I hope to work with them for next year.”